Amazing job

I can’t tell you how relieved Don and I are. We had our taxes calculated out to be $5,300. It was a shock, to say the least. We just didn’t know how we were going to pay that. We had used another tax service for the past few years and it cost so much to hear that we owed more. I had told Don that we aren’t going to use them anymore.

I remembered getting a lot of different advertisements in the mail for getting taxes done, and I started looking through them all. When I came to your postcard I was impressed to call you. You came over and you were upfront and honest with us. You gave us your word that you would do your best.

We feel that you really did an amazing job. You sat down with us and went over everything and gave us some options to help us in the years to come. You saved us over $3,000. Thank you so much! We will be able to sleep tonight! We are going to tell everyone we know!

– Don & Becky Brassard

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